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The Manhattan Ten Series

Short, novella-length superhero romances (30K words).

Rated 18+ for adult language and sexual content.

Ivory: The Manhattan Ten, Book One

 “Another stunner superhero romance novel from the amazing Lola Dodge.”   -Literary George

An ice princess. A jaguar shifter.

She’s a flight attendant who wants nothing to do with super heroes. Hiding her ice powers. Hiding from her family. Hiding is a full-time job, but Ivory can only suppress her inner warrior if she wants to keep the normal life she’s built from nothing.

He’s a career hero and a member of the legendary Manhattan Ten. Tall, dark, and shifter, the concrete jungle is his playground. Jag takes nothing seriously until Ivory tempts his inner predator.

Can he melt the stone-cold goddess?

It’s love at first fight in the first volume of the Manhattan Ten Series.

“I  was on the edge of my seat from the beginning, frustrated and near tears in the middle and joyous at the end. There is not much more that an author could possibly have done to make a novella this good and yet Ms. Dodge threw in super powers.”


Dark Faerie Tales

Temptress: The Manhattan Ten, Book Two

 “My two favorite things in one book – superheroes and romance – uh YES PLEASE!” -Literary George

A seductress. A super brain.

She’s an indie operative who only works alone, stealing other super heroes’ powers with a kiss and bringing down the bad guys. Those stolen powers add up to a crazy arsenal, but Temptress isn’t built for super strength and shooting laser beams. Her body is falling apart and a teensy mission slip-up gets her tangled with the Manhattan Ten.

He’s the M10’s leader. The man, the myth, the Mensa-conquering legend. Nothing escapes Thinktank’s calculations… Until a run-in with Temptress leaves him powerless. Superpowers stolen with a kiss can only be returned with a kiss.

Natural enemies can only get closer. And closer. And closer…

It’s love at first fight in the second volume of the Manhattan Ten Series.

“I cannot tell you how much I loved this book! Temptress is an amazing debut novel that I could not put down. The characters kept my interest, and the plot sucked me in from the start.”


Lily Element

Belle Fury: The Manhattan Ten, Book Three

“Lola Dodge does it again! I can’t get enough of these superhero romances and I truly wonder WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE?!” -Literary George

A ballerina. A lightning-powered soldierboy.

She’s focused on career, career, and only career. This dance-a-holic wants nothing but the stage and the spotlight and she has the talent to back up her dreams. Belle’s path to stardom is a straight shot until her late-onset super powers erupt mid-show and blowing up the stage becomes a little too literal.

He’s the Manhattan Ten’s second-in-command with red lightning jazz hands and military-grade loyalty to his hero crew. So, when the boss assigns him to babysit a rogue dancer, Red Ruin can only follow orders. But the more time he spends with the not-so-blushing ballerina, Belle, the more she steals his own center stage.

It’s love at first fight in the third volume of the Manhattan Ten Series.

Belle and Ryan were characters that you just like instantly as they are both flawed characters with relatable issues. Belle was this fericously sna-rky person, but not overtly so. She was funny as all get out.
Sharonda, Salacious Reads

Angel: The Manhattan Ten, Book Four

A fresh and sexy take on superheroes…left me wanting more!” -Lori, Romancing the Dark Side

A super secretary. A jaguar shifter.

She’s the organizational mastermind behind the famed Manhattan Ten super hero crew. With perfect recall, she can remember every face, every book, and every moment of her life. Angel can’t forget her past and she can’t escape it, either.

He’s a jaguar shifter who hasn’t left the jungle in a looooong time. When Tequani hitches a flight to visit his brother at the M10 headquarters, he’s so rough around the edges, he sparks a full-blown TSA panic. After Angel steps in to rescue him, he’s fascinated by the woman who can do it all.

If home is where the heart is, Tequani might as well start shopping for a penthouse in the city.

It’s love at first fight in the fourth volume of the Manhattan Ten Series.

I recommend both this story and this series overall to anyone who wants a little romance with their fun superhero stories. I hope to see many more installments in this series- I can’t get enough.

May, Smexybooks