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Leaving Taiwan and a Writing Vacation

Taipei 101--Goodbye Taiwan! |

Bye bye, Taiwan!

I’m leaving Taiwan (again) and headed for another change of pace—this time, a tour of Asia and a personal writing retreat. As much as I enjoy technical writing (that’s not entirely sarcasm), my brain feels like a fried egg and I need time to relax and get some stories off my desk.

Despite my love of traveling, I’ve never been the go-go-go, check off the itinerary type of girl. That style feels too rushed, and in the hurry to snap the pictures and catch the next bus/ferry/taxi/tuk tuk, finding the time or motivation to write is almost impossible. I prefer to stay in a city for a few weeks, slowly exploring the neighborhoods and getting the local feel rather than the tourist experience, and spending long hours in cafes with my laptop.

Some people say that if you need to go somewhere to write, you’re making excuses. That can be true, but I find writing on location incredibly productive. Going away removes all the everyday distractions of life. For me, it eliminates all the other things I could be doing, and I’m crazy productive when I can zone out without worrying about appointments or meet-ups or even cleaning my apartment.

All next month I’ll be chilling at a coworking space in Bali, and I cannot wait to give some attention to my poor misfit projects. I’ve discovered that heading on vacation without an itinerary or pressure is the ultimate way to maximize my writing time—so bring on the rice paddies, curries, and monkeys, Bali. I’m ready for a jolt of megaproductivity.