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Contest Winners and Updates from Taiwan

Belated congrats to the winners of my giveaway for the Shameless Summer Blog Hop: @Foretta @PandoraSWolf and @BookAttict! Since I slacked on announcing, there are three winners instead of one. Y’all get free copies of Temptress : )

I’m also slacking on the writing front, with a crazy summer well underway. Summer camps are insane here in ESL world, but I’ve snuck out of town a time or two to do some exploring.

Here are some  highlights from my recent travels : )

The sunrise over the mountains in Central Taiwan. The morning after a heavy rain, the sun rises onto a sea of clouds!


Sun Moon Lake is gorgeous in the morning. It’s an amazingly peaceful place…just wake up early and see the sights before the rest of the tourists come out!


You read right. It’s a pancake ice-cream sandwich. Isn’t Taiwan great?

Shameless Summer Blog Hop & Temptress Giveaway!


Welcome to the Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop sponsored by Red Hot Books, Romance Around the Corner & Michelle’s Book Blog!

To celebrate the release of my novella TEMPTRESS, I’m giving away a free e-book copy. Entry is simple–just fill out the rafflecopter entry form. For additional entries, follow me on Twitter or FB, and add Temptress to your TBR on Goodreads!

Thanks for visiting and make sure you click the the hop link to check out the awesome participating blogs : )

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The Joy of the Novella

I’m not a fan of short fiction. When I finish reading a ten-page story, I always feel cheated. It took me eight pages to get into it…now where’s the rest? Growing up, I was hooked on series reads, and the longer, the better. The Dragonriders of Pern, the Animorphs, The Wheel of Time…the list goes on.

I still love my sweeping epic fantasies, but lately I’m obsessed with the novella. From a reading perspective, I find novellas long enough to be fulfilling, and the condensed word count keeps writers honest. With only 25,000 or so words, you have to get to the point. There’s not too much fluff and the sub-plots have to stay tight. Novellas can be part of an anthology, or often run into a series. More to read is always a win!

As a writer, I’m loving the novella format even more. I can crank out 25k in a month, and being able to finish something so fast keeps me inside the story world. There’s much less continuity type revision to do, because it’s so much easier to keep track of the story’s flow.

If you’re a beginning writer, I definitely recommend trying your hand at some novella length work. A 30k novella is a lot less intimidating than a 70k YA novel or a 100k work of women’s fiction. It’s easier to practice craft, and even if you don’t like the end result, it was only a month or two of writing, instead of a few years.

With e-readers booming, the market for novellas has grown to match, and there are some great e-presses that publish novellas of 30k or less. Samhain and Entangled are two of my favorites, and both of them frequently issue open calls for submissions.

Keep an eye on their open calls here:



Happy reading, writing, and submitting!

Temptress Cover Reveal!


Finally I can share the cover for Temptress! I love it!! Thanks to the amazing Kanaxa for bringing it to life.

Release is next month, and I’ll be doing a blog hop giveaway on June 8th, so look out!

Or visit ‘er on Goodreads!