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Angel Release Day!

Finally!! Angel is now out for your reading device of choice:

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I’m also running an exclusive giveaway on Instagram, and will mail at least one winner a copy of the print anthology, M10: Unlikey Beginnings.

And winning is easy! Just follow me on Instagram and repost this photo (or any of my covers!) on your account with the hashtag #M10giveaway. Keeping it wicked simple this time : )

Lola Dodge Instagram giveaway


A Manhattan Ten Christmas

It’s Christmas week!

I posted my ridiculous Christmas list in my weekly blog over at Ink Monster, and my Manhattan Ten heroines were super jealous of all the stuff I’m getting this year…especially that basketball-sized Lindt truffle.

Shopping for a superheroine can be daunting (capes? masks? Lycra?) but my girls are pretty practical with their wish-lists. They all need gear to get through the day.

Have a look!  Maybe you’ll pick up a few last-minute ideas for the superheroines in your life : )


Jenny's Christmas List
Jenny appreciates the balance between sexy and lazy. She’s equally up for a night at the clubs or a night on the couch. This year, she’s hoping to find some Agent Provacateur under the tree, along with this sweet pizza onesie. MAC rebel (obviously) is needed for kissing on the job, and she’s hoping Tank will treat her to some fancy food giftcards for her favorite ramen and cupcake joints now that she’s officially a New Yorker.

Ivory's Christmas List
Ivory can’t feel the cold, but she loves her creature comforts. She’s always in the market for new boots that fit her Amazon-sized feet and snow-flake inspired jewelry. Some new passport covers and plushie snow friends round out this wish-list, along with steaks in serious bulk. She and Pan are intensely carnivorous, and work up their appetites fighting crime.

Belle's Christmas List
Belle is one practical ballerina. She needs new warm-up booties, legwarmers, and pointe shoe glue…and she’ll use them every day. She’s also hoping for some mason glass drinking jars (just like home!) and a new speaker system so she can have more portable dance practices.

Angel's Christmas List
Angel just wants to stay organized this year. She needs new pens and notebooks to keep it together in the office. At home, she’s looking for a few cute throws, and a new phone case (Trina Turk FTW). Plus a new perfume–anything with notes of jasmine!

M10: Unlikely Beginnings, the Cover Reveal

The latest addition to the Manhattan Ten family is coming in December, and I’m thrilled to finally reveal the cover. M10: Unlikely Beginnings will feature Ivory, Temptress, and Belle Fury in print form, plus a new short story, Junglecat Honeymoon.

Thrilled with how this one came out! Thanks, as always to Kanaxa for the fabulous cover design.

Pre-order links to follow! For now, you can add to your TBR on Goodreads.

The cover of M10: Unlikely Beginnings, a superhero romance anthology |

Five Signs He’s Not the Super Hero for You

When dating a super hero at what point do you have to cut him loose? He’s a hero, right? Why would you leave him? Turns out, even heroes can be villains (or at least jerks), and whatever powers he has, they aren’t worth making yourself miserable over. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

If he's not worth it, forget it.

If he’s not worth it, forget it.

5. Tabloid reports

These are a sign, but nothing close to gospel. The first story that says he’s been seen canoodling is almost definitely a lie, but more than one a week (and non-photoshopped pictures to prove it) is cause for alarm. Do confirm before kicking him to the curb.

4. No time

Fighting villains is time-consuming, but when he’s so involved you can’t coordinate more than texts, it’s not shaping up to be a healthy relationship. He may be a fantastic guy, but you’re better of letting him go until he figures out that whole life/hero balance thing.

3. Groupies

The fans will always be after him, but when he starts hanging with barely-eighteens in belly shirts, be prepared to move on. If he just wants to mess around, let him go. Unless you just want to mess around—in which case, have fun, but don’t get too attached!

2. Questionable Motives

This is of particular concern for you heroines out there. If he’s poking around your lair and asking for classified info, he may be a villain in disguise. In this case, don’t be shy about getting a background check. It’s better to be a little paranoid than to get played.

Keep it together, Marge.

Keep it together, Marge.

1. Super Violence

If he can’t separate his job and his home life, he’s gone. Period. Super strength is no excuse to be a super asshole. If he’s always getting into fights and can’t control his temper, he isn’t a guy you need to be around unless he’s actively working on his problems.

Five Tips for Dating a Super Hero

Now that you know how to treat a super heroine, here are five critical tips for dating a super hero:

I see that look in your eye...

I see that look in your eye…

5. Don’t stalk

It’s not cute. He already has groupies, and sending love letters made of magazine cut-out letters is only going to get you noticed by your local law enforcement agency.

4. Have Something to Say

“I like your biceps” isn’t the greatest leading line (even if it’s true). No matter how awesome his last job was (saving the world, etc.) he might be tired of repeating the story. Talk about the same things you’d ask any other guy, like where do you want to travel, and if necessary, the old, “Seen any good movies lately?”

3. Don’t Try to Impress

Much like the super heroine, the hero has seen it all. If he’s looking for a serious relationship, he doesn’t want arm candy. He wants a partner to support him in his crazy life, who isn’t trying to keep up with Kim K and won’t leave him when he retires from the spotlight.

OK. Maybe that one is impressive.

OK. Maybe that one is impressive.

2. Don’t Expect Anything

Everyone wants something out of a super hero. He’s tired of people who are after him for his money or the spotlight. Make it clear that those aren’t your priorities. Even if the perks of dating him are amazing, let him know you have your own agenda and don’t need fame to be a fulfilled human being.

1. Get to Know His Friends

A hero’s crew must approve any new relationship. Maybe it’s not a formal review, but if the guys (or girls) don’t trust you, it’s not going to last. Too many hero chasers turn out to be villains, and they’re not letting one of their own go down that road. They will make you miserable if you mess with their boy.