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Manhattan Ten Release-stravaganza!

Lola Dodge prize giveaway!


Now that the big day is here, I’m doing a little giveaway to celebrate the release of Junglecat Honeymoon and the M10 anthology. Click on the Rafflecopter below to enter.

You can earn 10 entries by Instagramming a picture of Junglecat Honeymoon on your e-reader or computer (tag it #M10giveaway @loladodge). Junglecat is FREE y’all. Just pop on over to Samhain for a quick download.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me on the journey to getting my first book in print. Readers, editors, fans, family, friends–everyone! Your support means the world to me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Junglecat Honeymoon Pre-Orders!

It’s a busy fall around here and lots of projects are brewing. Manhattan Ten #4 (Angel’s story!) is almost finalized and the cover’s coming at you soon. In the meantime, JUNGLECAT HONEYMOON is now available for pre-order. This free short story is #3.5 in the cycle, so there are a few spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books. But check it out–you know a superhero wedding won’t be boring!

Junglecat Honeymoon (Manhattan Ten, #3.5) by Lola Dodge

Meet the family? Try surviving the family.

The Manhattan Ten, Book 3.5

Since that fateful airline flight where Ivory met her mate, she has struggled to control her ice powers. But on her wedding day, she has it all: an adoring panther-shifter husband, a pack of superhero friends, and a level of happiness she never imagined was possible.

Until she meets her mother-in-law.

Instead of waking up from a blissful wedding night at Panther’s side, Ivory wakes from a drug-induced haze, alone in the middle of a strange jungle. Mommy dearest has dropped her in South America, forcing Ivory into a twisted test of her worth. If she doesn’t measure up to the tribe’s standards, the marriage won’t be acknowledged.

Although Ivory loves a fight, she’s not into war games. Especially when victory might entail killing her new brother-in-law in an honor duel. But with her future on the line, holding back isn’t an option.


The cover of M10: Unlikely Beginnings, a superhero romance anthology |
Plus, get ready for the print Manhattan Ten anthology, coming at you next month!!

Now I’m headed to Los Angeles for a few days to meet with my Ink Monster friends. Can’t wait to do some brainstorming and get inspired for the projects in the pipeline. One of these days I’ll even finish my New Adult novel!