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Quanta Rewind SNEAK PEEK!

Sneak peek of Quanta Rewind (the Shadow Ravens, Book Four) by Lola Dodge

With Quanta Rewind releasing THIS MONTH, I wanted to give you a little peek into the story you’ve all been waiting for ; )

The full first chapter is posted on the Ink Monster blog – just subscribe to the Ink Monster newsletter and you’ll get the password in your email soon!

In the meantime, enjoy the first few paragraphs : )

Chapter One


My pulse rang loud in my ears as I puzzled over the doorknob in front of me. The only light in the narrow hallway glowed from Devan’s raised hand, but Cipher was starting to crackle with nervous sparks of electricity as she leaned closer, voice muffled by her protective facemask. “What’s next?”

I kept staring at the knob. What is next?

Good question. By way of an answer, bluish timeghosts fuzzed over reality, showing me all the ways the next seconds could play out.

Letting the present bleed away, I relaxed into my power. I stumble over the trip wire just across the threshold. That was a start. “There’s a wire on the first step through the door.” And then?

I tiptoe over the wire. Cipher and Devan follow me into a vacant gray office. It looks empty enough, with only a few bare desks and no furnishings or working lights, but before I can wave the girls across the room to the next door we have to crack, a shooter pops out from behind the desk. I lift my gun, but Cipher’s already pushing me aside to safety. She takes a hit to the shoulder before I can shoot.

Blinking back to the now, I scowled at Cipher. “Shooter behind the desk on the left. Don’t be such a hero.”

Cipher’s mask covered her mouth, but I knew she was scowling right back at me. “I didn’t do anything.”

None of us are doing anything.” The golden light glowing from Devan’s hand flickered as she grumbled.

“Just let me take out the shooter. Can you unlock the door?” I stepped back, giving Cipher room.

She lifted a portacomp to the door’s keypad, punched in some numbers, and a beep sounded. I tried to breathe in and out and keep my focus as I pulled out my gun. We’d win this time. The possibility was there in the ether, if a little hazy and unlikely looking. There were only three more booby-trapped rooms between the exit and us, and I spotted at least one future where we darted through the last door grinning wide for the first time in weeks.

I just had to find the right path. We could do it.



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<3 Lola

All The Things I’ll Do After Quanta Rewind

Life After Quanta Rewind & The Shadow Ravens |

I’ve been majorly MIA the past few weeks (months?!) and Quanta Rewind is to blame. Lately, I spend all day every day at my desk, working on the draft and listening to ambient arctic noise

As you can imagine, I’m an inch away from a total breakdown.

The good news is the draft is juuuuust about finished. Bloggers will be able to download it on NetGalley at the beginning of April, and we’re still signing up for the blog tour, so hop on if you’d love to host!

I’ve survived thus far by consuming near-lethal quantities of Cherry Coke and dreaming of all the fun I’ll have when this deadline is in the bag. Thought I’d share a few things I CANNOT WAIT TO DO after Quanta Rewind is off my desk:

1) Shower

Hygiene is the first item to go when the deadlines hit. My hair looks like I’ve been moisturizing with Crisco, and I need to get back on the cleanliness schedule of a normal human person.

2) Play Breath of the Wild for 375603560q9479345 hours

It has come to my attention that I’m a grown adult and shouldn’t get sucked into buying a $300 console plus accessories just to have a Zelda machine… But then again OPEN WORLD ZELDA WITH COOKING AND WHO CARES ABOUT MONEY. I’m going to hunt down a Switch and spend a solid week gathering mushrooms. That’s just how I roll.

3) Catch up on dramas

I’m ridiculously behind on my drama watching. I got sidetracked with all this work (lame!) so I stalled out on Jealousy Incarnate, The Princess Weiyoung, and Hwarang, but I’m determined to catch up. PLUS, I have Goblin on my to-watch list and I can already anticipate the binge because it’s supposed to be the best.

4) Plan my next move

I’ve been in America way too long, and it’s time to skip out before all the visa regulations get crazy. Maybe back to Thailand after the burning season is over??? Or Bali?! Haven’t decided yet, but I’ll finally have time to plan.

I've left the country

5) Start my new series!!!

I am SO EXCITED to start a new project. The first book in my new series comes out on Halloween and I can’t wait to dig into all the early stage research and worldbuilding. It’s been killing me to have this one on the back burner. More updates (and preorder links!) coming soon, but this one is about WITCHES AND CAKES (my two favorite things in life) and I hope you love the new world as much as I do!

Catch you on the flipside of this deadline!!!

<3 Lola

Quanta Rewind Cover REVEALED!! (+ Giveaway!)

Lola Dodge Book Cover Reveal

I am so very pleased that I can finally, finally, FINALLY share the cover of Quanta Rewind, the fourth book of the Shadow Ravens series!








The cover of Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens, Book Four) by Lola Dodge


Preorder at:

Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo


It is a THING of BEAUTY, and I hope you love it as much as I do : )

And to CELEBRATE the AWESOMENESS (I apologize for all these caps, but it’s too late to stop), I have a fun little giveaway of some of my favorite things. Enter below and share the love!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

<3 Lola

All the Quanta Reset News!

Quanta Reset BannerQuanta Reset released on Tuesday, and I have so much great Shadow Ravens news to share : )

The blog tour wrapped up with a bunch of lovely reviews from some of my favorite bloggers, including LilyElement, Simply Nicolette, Functioning Insanity, and my #1 fav French review blog, Les Chroniques Aléatoires.

So things were good! And then, I woke up to discover Quanta Reset featured on the iBooks YA page:

Quanta Reset (the Shadow Ravens, Book 3) by Lola Dodge, featured on the iBooks YA homepage

And things were GREAT!!

But THEN, Cipher went on BookBub and Aileen Erin scaled to the top of the Kindle charts:

Cipher (The Shadow Ravens, Book 1) by Aileen Erin, tops the Kindle free charts


I’m so excited and grateful for this success for both Aileen and me : ) Thank you to everyone who supported me through this book launch!!!! <3 I think this calls for some celebratory release week sheet cake + champagne!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Goodreads giveaway for Quanta Reset hardcopies!

And you can now TBR Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens, Book Four) on Goodreads or pre-order it at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks.



Another Exciting Monday… And Quanta Reset News!

Monday's Update from Lola with Quanta Reset News

I’ve been a busy bumblebee these past few weeks. A million things are going on and it’s been rough trying to balance them all with the ridiculous amount of time I’ve spent in the orthodontist’s chair.

But now only one last follow-up appointment is left because:


Braces off 🎉 Braces off 🎉 Braces off 🎉 😀😀😀

A photo posted by Lola Dodge (@loladodge) on

I’m so happy!!! A friend told me that my teeth look perfect now—like American teeth. So I’m glad I can finally represent my country with my mouth? Also because:

2. It’s time to leave Thailand

It’s been fun. I’ve made friends, I’ve gotten my teeth tortured into shape, and I’ve eaten enough khao soi and coconut shakes to last a lifetime (or at least a few months). As much as I’ll miss Chiang Mai, I’ve had one too many massive cockroaches in my apartment the past few weeks and it’s time for a break from nature.

I’m just bummed that I won’t have time to see this movie. I’ve seen the trailer half a million times while sitting at the coworking space at the mall, and I feel called to share it with you all. It’s about a haunted classroom and it may be the best zombie film ever made:

3. Next stop: Los Angeles

I’m so excited to be heading back to LA! I get to hang with Aileen, finally meet her baby, and hopefully eat lots of donuts while I’m in town. I also get to reunite with The Nook—my #1 favorite working spot at Aileen’s house. Not sure if it’s weird to have a favorite spot in someone else’s home, but The Nook has a long list of fans—it’s just so cute and sunny!

The Nook is my Happy Place

The Nook is my Happy Place

4. Quanta

We’re signing up hosts for the Quanta Reset blog tour. Jump over to YA Bound if you’d like to join in on the fun : )

The Quanta Reset Blog Tour runs September 20th-27th, 2016, hosted by YA Bound

5. More Quanta

Aaaaand, hold tight for more Reset news. The book should be live on NetGalley by the end of the month, but subscribe to the Ink Monster Newsletter if you want to be the first to hear about it. You should definitely get on the list regardless, because I heard a rumor that Shattered Pack news is coming soon, too ; )

Not that I’m biased or anything, but Meredith’s story is awesome. If you’ve enjoyed the Alpha Girl Series so far, you’re going to love reading from her POV.

Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl Series, #6) by Aileen Erin, releases November 2016

Can’t wait for this book to come out!!

Have a lovely Monday wherever you are!

<3 Lola