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My Writing Process (in GIFs)


Typing all the things.

When did I get so brilliant?

I am so great!


Hooray but not.

What was I thinking???


Maybe I can fix…

Wasn't expecting that.

Nope.  Too late.

Resigned to fate.

Impotent rage.

Impotent rage.

Getting really, really drunk.

Problem solving.

Sad Tennant.

No! I can fix it!!

Pull yourself together!

Must. Have. Confidence.

You is kind. You is smart. You is importan


More Coffee.

The End.

Dancing bear!

Aaaaaand done.


Out of Order

I did a bad thing.

I wrote the Manhattan Ten series out of order.


Retrospectively, this was stupid, and I would probably be irritated if an author I liked pulled the same thing. The problem is when I wrote Temptress, I had no idea this wacky experiment was going to turn into a series. At that point, I wrote exclusively YA, and I though a romance superhero project sounded like fun. Jenny was my first heroine, and the world evolved around her.

As I was writing, I started thinking more and more about the crew. Everything began at a bachelor party, so who was Panther’s lady? And why are all these hot superheroes still single? It spiraled out of control.

Mind you, there were no sex scenes, and there were never going to be any, because I am a prim creature at heart. Then my editor reminded me that it was romance, and suddenly I became a romance writer.

How did that happen?

The more I thought about how the series, the more I thought I needed to tell Ivory’s story NOW. I had to write the past before we continued into the future and I didn’t want wait until five books in to hop back in time.

My bad.

If you like to read chronologically, start with Ivory. If you want to read in the release order, start with Temptress.

And I PROMISE I will never write out of order again!

Ivory Contest Winners!

This is much belated, but I’m happy to introduce the winners of my Ivory release giveaway! Special congrats to Tanya, the winner of the Amazon gift card. Thanks to everyone who entered : )

I’ve been busy with a million and one projects. I’m tweaking Manhattan Ten #3 (but it’s finished!) and just started a full-length project that I’m super excited about. I have to write it FAST so that I can talk about it with all of you. I’m trying!!

I don’t really have a content-appropriate image, so here’s a baby with puppies. We can all use a smile : )