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Superhero Romance…Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy?

My master’s degree is in popular fiction and if you’ve ever been involved with the program at Seton Hill, you know one of our favorite things is debating genres. No one writes romance anymore. It’s all paranormal suspense shape-shifter time-slip romance or historical zombie dystopian romance.

I don't know where I belong

Perhaps this is why my own genre puzzles me. At the moment, superhero romance is shelved as a subgenre of paranormal romance. The more I think about it, the more I think superheroes should be genre-fied into urban fantasy.

You have a city and supernatural elements…so the kicker is the level of romance. For now, The Manhattan Ten series is centered on couples hooking up, so the superhero romance/paranormal romance genre fits. BUT if I ever extend the series into full-length novels with many more subplots, I like to think the books would cross over into urban fantasy.

What do you think? Are super heroes PNR or UF?