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The Travel Diet

Travel Diet Secrets! | www.loladodge.comBouncing about Asia does crazy things to my weight. When I’m holed up in my apartment in Taipei, the situation can get ugly–like body by bubble tea and cheese bread, ugly.

But the travel diet never fails. Once I hit the road, I follow a simple food and exercise regimen. I’ve already dropped a few pounds in Hong Kong. Want to give this miracle diet a try? Here’s how!

Step 1: Get lost (a lot). Walk five miles in the wrong direction. If you need help getting lost, follow a funky international GPS signal that’s off by a few blocks. Soon enough you’ll be on some sketchy backroad, and power-walking back to civilization really burns those calories.

Step 2: Carry all your possessions with you at all times. Don’t trust hostel security. Bring your back pack, day pack AND rolly suitcase with you wherever you go. Schlepping your gear is an easy way to incorporate weight training when you can’t access the gym.

Step 3: Make sure to stay in hilly areas, and avoid hotels/hostels that have an elevator. I love arriving at my place of residence late at night and hauling my many bags up as many flights of stairs as you can throw at me.

Step 4: Embrace restaurant miscommunication. Just today I was pretty sure I ordered a curry and ended up with a few bits of bread. Calorie savings, right there!

Step 5: Follow cockroaches to find the best street food carts. A quick bout of dysentery is just the thing to jumpstart your weight loss.

Step 6: When traveling in tropical and subtropical climates, make sure you’re out and about from 11-3 each day. You’ll thank me when you start sweating off buckets of water weight!

Step 7: Avoid all forms of private and public transportation. Walk everywhere!

I’ve done at least some of these things, and it worked for me!

Disclaimer: I am not a diet or fitness expert (but I do own a Shake Weight)