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Conferences and Catch-Up

I just left the In Your Write Mind conference at Seton Hill, and it was lovely to catch up with old friends and get to know some new ones better. This was my first time attending the retreat since I graduated, and I’m glad I escaped Taiwan for a summer. Plus, shoutout to my fav reader, Aileen Erin–it was so nice seeing her in person again! The group of us discovered a restaurant gem in Greensburg, and went to Lupi & Leo’s three nights in a row—I will now spend the next few weeks trying to burn off ravioli weight. I also laughed so hard I hurt my hernia, but I’d do it again in a second!

The conference was also super motivating. Hearing Beth Phelan talk about New Adult helped me organize and focus my WIP, and when my mentor Nicole Peeler described NA as “crackalicious” my ideas all gelled together. Now I’m on the word wagon and trying to bust out a CampNaNoWriMo novel. This may be complicated by my travel schedule–I’m visiting my Taiwan bestie in Toronto this weekend, and have about 20 hours in the car after that. But, I’ve been nursing this project forever, and am ready to get it out into the world, so driving or no driving, I’m going to get it done.

                                                            In A World Just Right by Jen Brooks

In other fun news, I picked up an ARC of my classmate Jen Brooks’ YA debut—In A World Just Right. I’ve already started reading, and the story is as amazing as expected. It’s a perfect example of how to write in the first person present without being annoying—very few writers can pull this off. The book will be out in April 2015, but you should probably preorder it now (Kindle | iTunes), because you’re going to want to read it!

M10: Unlikely Beginnings, the Cover Reveal

The latest addition to the Manhattan Ten family is coming in December, and I’m thrilled to finally reveal the cover. M10: Unlikely Beginnings will feature Ivory, Temptress, and Belle Fury in print form, plus a new short story, Junglecat Honeymoon.

Thrilled with how this one came out! Thanks, as always to Kanaxa for the fabulous cover design.

Pre-order links to follow! For now, you can add to your TBR on Goodreads.

The cover of M10: Unlikely Beginnings, a superhero romance anthology |

Singapore, Print Anthology and Swirl Awards

I’m spending a few days in Singapore, and the diversity of this country is amazing. I’m staying in Chinatown and spent yesterday in Little India. Later today, I’m headed to the Middle Eastern district for some shopping and Turkish coffee. Being in such a hodgepodge place, filled with disparate cultures and customs and languages and foods is incredibly inspiring. I can hear chanting and music from the Hindu temple down the street, and smell the fresh flower garlands as vendors prepare them for prayer. The announcements on the MRT are made in four languages, and people of all colors and religions and walks of life mix in this place that has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore

A Hindu temple in the middle of Chinatown.

On a diversity note, Ivory is in the finals for the 2014 Swirl Awards–an award competition recognizing excellence in interracial romance. The paranormal/scifi/fantasy category is huge, but I’m honored to be nominated! I’ll keep you all posted on the results : )

AND–the Manhattan Ten print anthology is coming!! This will be my first book in print, and I can’t wait to have it in my hands. I’ll be revealing the cover on June 16th. If you’re a blogger and would like to participate, stop by Xpresso Reads to sign up!

After Singapore, I’m back to the U.S. for a bit, and then…? No plans yet, except continuing on my writing spree! The good news is that Manhattan Ten #4 is written and out for feedback. Now I’m working on some novel-length projects that I hope to share soon : )

Cipher and Shadow Ravens Cover Reveal!

Now that Ink Monster has spilled the beans, I can share this fabulous cover for the newest story from Aileen Erin, my alpha reader extraordinare!

Doesn’t it give you a terrible case of cover envy? If so, wait until you read the story! Cipher is now available for pre-order on Amazon and you’d better get the Shadow Ravens Series started early. The team at Ink Monster is co-writing this series, and my contribution’s on deck next Spring. So excited to be a part of it!

The Cover of Cipher, the Shadow Ravens by Aileen Erin


In the not-too-distant future, the color of your helix tattoo shows exactly how your DNA was modified—green for super-smart scientists, black for pumped-up warriors, white for the immortal Seligo—but Cipher’s red helix is a death sentence. It’s a sign of unstable DNA, which is probably the reason she can manipulate electricity.

When she was eight years old, Cipher made the mistake of showing her uncle the tattoo. In return, he killed her parents and tried to kidnap her.

She’s been on the run ever since, and twelve long years later, Cipher is tired of hiding. Survival isn’t enough anymore. She wants her life back.

Hacking into the Citadel mainframe is a huge risk, but it pays off when she finds a database on red helixes. Before she can copy it, she loses control of her power, charring her last processor, and the only person in the Arizona Voids that can get her back online is her oldest friend, Knightly. She hasn’t seen him in person since she started running, and Knightly 2.0 is fully upgraded with a six-pack and knee-melting smile.

For a girl like Cipher, trust doesn’t come easily, but Knightly makes her yearn for a life she knows she can’t have, especially when every secret she reveals endangers them both.

Belle Fury (Manhattan Ten #3) Cover Reveal!

Drumroll, aaaaaand–

Hooray! At last, the cover for Manhattan Ten #3: BELLE FURY!

Belle is a ballet dancer who never wanted super powers, but one demolished broadway stage later, her career is over and she’s taken into the custody of the Manhattan Ten until she can be trusted not to destroy…basically everything.

Red Ruin draws ballerina duty, and lightning flies.

And yes, you heard that right. Ballerina superhero.

Coming at you February 4th, 2014! Add to your Samhain wishlist or Goodreads now!

The Cover for Belle Fury-the third volume in the Manhattan Ten romance novella Series