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Conferences and Catch-Up

I just left the In Your Write Mind conference at Seton Hill, and it was lovely to catch up with old friends and get to know some new ones better. This was my first time attending the retreat since I graduated, and I’m glad I escaped Taiwan for a summer. Plus, shoutout to my fav reader, Aileen Erin–it was so nice seeing her in person again! The group of us discovered a restaurant gem in Greensburg, and went to Lupi & Leo’s three nights in a row—I will now spend the next few weeks trying to burn off ravioli weight. I also laughed so hard I hurt my hernia, but I’d do it again in a second!

The conference was also super motivating. Hearing Beth Phelan talk about New Adult helped me organize and focus my WIP, and when my mentor Nicole Peeler described NA as “crackalicious” my ideas all gelled together. Now I’m on the word wagon and trying to bust out a CampNaNoWriMo novel. This may be complicated by my travel schedule–I’m visiting my Taiwan bestie in Toronto this weekend, and have about 20 hours in the car after that. But, I’ve been nursing this project forever, and am ready to get it out into the world, so driving or no driving, I’m going to get it done.

                                                            In A World Just Right by Jen Brooks

In other fun news, I picked up an ARC of my classmate Jen Brooks’ YA debut—In A World Just Right. I’ve already started reading, and the story is as amazing as expected. It’s a perfect example of how to write in the first person present without being annoying—very few writers can pull this off. The book will be out in April 2015, but you should probably preorder it now (Kindle | iTunes), because you’re going to want to read it!

Dreamin’ 2013

BookhaulI’m back from Dreamin’ in Dallas and ready to hit the grindstone. It was a great con! I picked up a stack of new books and met with so many awesome folks. A couple of Seton Hill MFA-ers attended and it was lovely to catch up. Nicole Peeler signed some of her Tempest books for my mom, who’s now in love with Jane True. I also got to meet the lovely Rebecca Strauss IN PERSON, and found out there’s a Taipei book expo that I can attend. Who knew? Meeting up with LilyElement (my favorite blogger on the internet!) was another big highlight.

The overall theme seemed to be keep writing. That’s one that I need to hear lately! In-between packing and all the other things I need to do to get ready for Taiwan, I’m hoping to finish up my third Manhattan Ten novella. Then I need to get my act together and finish revising the novel that’s been on my desk for…longer than I want to admit.

Ivory (M-10, #2) releases at the end of April! Until then I’ll be a bit quiet on the site. If all goes well, I’ll either be writing or gorging on my favorite Texas foods!

Dreamin’ in Dallas & Finalizing Ivory!

Lots of fun things happening! I registered for Dreamin’ in Dallas, March 29th-30th and couldn’t be more excited. My awesome agent, Rebecca Strauss, will be there taking pitches and I can’t wait to finally meet her in person! The rest of the roster is impressive, and I’m looking forward to the opening night signing on the 29th. So many great authors will be there!


In other great news, the final files for Ivory have arrived! Only 1.5 months until it’s out in the wild. In the meantime I’ll be busy contacting YOU, my blogger friends : )