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A Ballerina Superhero?

Why write a ballerina superhero? |

Why, Lola? Why did you make a ballerina into a superhero?

If you know me in real life, you know I’m the opposite of graceful. One time I tried to do a ballerina leap in my kitchen, but had an unfortunate landing in the pantry door and sprained my ankle (let’s not speak of this again). Still, I’ve always been athletic, and I admire people (and characters) who single-mindedly pursue their goals.

I’t’s hard to watch a professional ballet and not want to be a ballerina—dancers make super difficult, incredibly unnatural moves seem effortless and ethereal, and they work like machines for their careers. That alone creates incredible tension, but throw in the threat of injury, and you have a powder keg. Ballet dancers know that their bodies can betray them, but I thought, what if a Type A prima ballerina, driven like crazy, came down with super powers instead of a knee injury? Anything that kept her of the stage would be crippling, but super powers would be double the torture.

And Belle was born! She’s physically able to dance, but can’t without hurting the people and property around her.

I know. I’m a sick lady.

If you’d like to get to know Belle a little better before she’s in the wild on February 4th, check out her Pinterest board and playlist on Spotify.

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