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A Manhattan Ten Christmas

It’s Christmas week!

I posted my ridiculous Christmas list in my weekly blog over at Ink Monster, and my Manhattan Ten heroines were super jealous of all the stuff I’m getting this year…especially that basketball-sized Lindt truffle.

Shopping for a superheroine can be daunting (capes? masks? Lycra?) but my girls are pretty practical with their wish-lists. They all need gear to get through the day.

Have a look!  Maybe you’ll pick up a few last-minute ideas for the superheroines in your life : )


Jenny's Christmas List
Jenny appreciates the balance between sexy and lazy. She’s equally up for a night at the clubs or a night on the couch. This year, she’s hoping to find some Agent Provacateur under the tree, along with this sweet pizza onesie. MAC rebel (obviously) is needed for kissing on the job, and she’s hoping Tank will treat her to some fancy food giftcards for her favorite ramen and cupcake joints now that she’s officially a New Yorker.

Ivory's Christmas List
Ivory can’t feel the cold, but she loves her creature comforts. She’s always in the market for new boots that fit her Amazon-sized feet and snow-flake inspired jewelry. Some new passport covers and plushie snow friends round out this wish-list, along with steaks in serious bulk. She and Pan are intensely carnivorous, and work up their appetites fighting crime.

Belle's Christmas List
Belle is one practical ballerina. She needs new warm-up booties, legwarmers, and pointe shoe glue…and she’ll use them every day. She’s also hoping for some mason glass drinking jars (just like home!) and a new speaker system so she can have more portable dance practices.

Angel's Christmas List
Angel just wants to stay organized this year. She needs new pens and notebooks to keep it together in the office. At home, she’s looking for a few cute throws, and a new phone case (Trina Turk FTW). Plus a new perfume–anything with notes of jasmine!

Belle Fury Review Roundup


Find Belle Fury at Samhain | Amazon Kindle | iTunes | Goodreads

Belle has only been out for a couple days, but the book bloggers are saying some lovely things about her! Thanks to all who took the time to review–I so appreciate your time and support <3 Here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

“From the moment I read Lola’s first book Temptress, I fell in love with her characters and her phenomenal storytelling. Throw in some sexy men with superpowers and feisty heroines and I was sold! Belle Fury is no exception, Belle and Ryan really heat up the pages but they’re not without flaws. In my opinion they have the most in common out of all the couples so far and compliment each other beautifully.”

-Lori, Romancing the Dark Side

“Though the story is about superheroes, LDodge manages to mix in reality which makes it easy for anyone to connect/relate to the main characters. I really enjoyed Belle Fury, and can’t wait for the next book in the series.”

-Melissa, Lily Element

“You know what I like about Lola’s male characters? They’re total alpha males, but they’re also these sweet, caring, lovable men and I just dig that! I mean ladies, you seriously just want to take your panties off for them…well, not for Think Tank, Panther and now Ruin…they have these seriously kick-ass ladies now and well you know…life is good when your breathing.”

-Sharonda, Salacious Reads

And, one of my favorite things ever! Adriana at Polished Readers read all three Manhattan Ten novellas and designed a custom manicure for each. Love, love, love it!

“Flirty, sexy, and a touch serious, Belle Fury is fantastic addition to a series that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I hope there’s more on the way.”

-Adriana, Polished Readers

Adriana at the Polished Readers did three custom manicures for the Manhattan Ten novellas--Temptress, Ivory, and Belle Fury!

Temptress, Ivory, and Belle Fury manicures by Adriana at the Polished Readers!

Belle Fury Release!

It’s here! Belle Fury is now available for your e-reader. Slip  on your tutu and get ready for the ride! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway–you can win a $25 Visa gift card or a character-themed Zoya nail polish duos.

Samhain | Amazon Kindle | iTunes | Goodreads

The Cover for Belle Fury-the third volume in the Manhattan Ten romance novella Series

This is one diva with killer moves…

Manhattan Ten, Book 3

Belle Fabian has worked her toes to the bone to become an internationally renowned ballerina. When the curtains rise on her career-making performance of Giselle, she brings down the house—literally.
Mid-dance, she manifests a superpower that nearly destroys the Metropolitan Opera House, wiping out a line of chorus girls and sending the audience dashing for the exits. As she flees the theater, she assumes the worst. Her hard-won career is over.
The Manhattan Ten’s leader is playing hooky with his new lady, so it falls to Red Ruin toround up the super-powered danseur. It’s just one small, bird-boned woman hiding in a convenience store. How hard could it be?
Their first encounter generates sparks that border nuclear and their chemistry sends Belle’s powers into overdrive, but their perfect storm of passion is marred by her suspicion that Ruin is holding back. That secret that could turn the sweet burn of Ruin’s
lightning into a permanent scar on her heart.

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Belle Fury Release Giveaway: $25 Visa Gift Card & Zoya Nail Polish Duos!

Belle Fury isn’t quite out (2/4! pre-order at Amazon or iTunes), but I wanted to get this giveaway going a little early, because I’m totally excited about the prizes. I usually give away bookish gift cards, but this time  I’m going with cold hard cash. I strongly suggest that the winner put this toward a mani/pedi, facial, etc., but it’s your money. Buy groceries if you want.

Even more exciting–a Zoya nail polish giveaway! Thanks to my nail-obsessed friend, themisspw, I’ve grown totally obsessed with Zoya polishes, which are 5-free, and super vibrant. Instead of growing my own tiny horde, I’m sending the love to you guys. To celebrate my third book, I’ve picked three polish duos that match the personalities of the heroes and heroines of the Manhattan Ten.

The first place winner gets the gift card, and the second place winner will have first choice of the polish colors, followed by the third and fourth place winners. I’m also giving away three sets of the M-10 e-books in the format of the winner’s choice. Enter using the Rafflecopter below!

Belle Fury book release celebration! Zoya polish (London, Noot, Seraphina, Storm, GeiGei, Blaze) and $25 Visa gift card giveaway at

Duo #1: Temptress/Tank = London/Noot

A dark, sophisticated color perfect for anyTemptress, paired with a sensible, but stylish color for our fearless leader, Tank

Duo #2: Ivory/Panther = Seraphina/Storm

What else could the ice princess have but a snowy, shimmery silver? Panther’s too charismatic for a plain shade, so a prismatic silver/black is purrfect.

Duo #3: Belle Fury/Red Ruin = GeiGei/Blaze

GeiGei is a little flashy for wearing to ballet, but it fits Belle perfectly, and Blaze is just the shade to match Red Ruin’s lightning powers.

Winners: you are morally obligated to post your mani pics. Okay. Not really, but I’d be psyched if you did!

Good luck, everyone, and don’t forget to pick up Belle Fury and the rest of the Manhattan Ten novellas if you haven’t already. You definitely need some superhero romance in your life!
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A Ballerina Superhero?

Why write a ballerina superhero? |

Why, Lola? Why did you make a ballerina into a superhero?

If you know me in real life, you know I’m the opposite of graceful. One time I tried to do a ballerina leap in my kitchen, but had an unfortunate landing in the pantry door and sprained my ankle (let’s not speak of this again). Still, I’ve always been athletic, and I admire people (and characters) who single-mindedly pursue their goals.

I’t’s hard to watch a professional ballet and not want to be a ballerina—dancers make super difficult, incredibly unnatural moves seem effortless and ethereal, and they work like machines for their careers. That alone creates incredible tension, but throw in the threat of injury, and you have a powder keg. Ballet dancers know that their bodies can betray them, but I thought, what if a Type A prima ballerina, driven like crazy, came down with super powers instead of a knee injury? Anything that kept her of the stage would be crippling, but super powers would be double the torture.

And Belle was born! She’s physically able to dance, but can’t without hurting the people and property around her.

I know. I’m a sick lady.

If you’d like to get to know Belle a little better before she’s in the wild on February 4th, check out her Pinterest board and playlist on Spotify.

 Follow Lola Dodge’s board Belle Fury on Pinterest.