You can have it all.

But you can’t DO it all.

A writing career is a juggling act.

Book covers. Ad stacking. Newsletters. Files and graphics and social media–yikes!

How do you balance it all and still have time for the actual writing? Let alone a life?

You don’t. Unless you get help.

After watching friends sign with expensive PR and book packaging “companies” who produced zero useful result, I realized there’s still a lack of trustworthy, competent help in this business. People are happy to take your money, but few care about your career or have the breadth of knowledge to offer meaningful advice.

I help my authors with all things book-related. Most importantly, I can offer high-level strategy on which activities you need to be doing versus which are straight-up time and money sucks. I don’t waste my time, and I’m not going to waste yours.

Currently accepting select clients for long-term partnerships on a weekly or monthly hours basis.

Interested? Tell me about yourself + your needs:


My favorite things:

  • Author website design + revamping (simple, clean + effective)
  • Branding
  • Promotional graphics (banners, ads, social media headers)
  • Managing FB ad campaigns
  • Newsletter content + list building
  • Synopsis/copy tightening
  • Social media strategy + management
  • Book project management
  • General organization
  • Coordinating swag, travel, appearances, etc.
  • Copy/developmental editing (charged by word count)
  • + Whatever you need done!