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Another Exciting Monday… And Quanta Reset News!

Monday's Update from Lola with Quanta Reset News

I’ve been a busy bumblebee these past few weeks. A million things are going on and it’s been rough trying to balance them all with the ridiculous amount of time I’ve spent in the orthodontist’s chair.

But now only one last follow-up appointment is left because:


Braces off 🎉 Braces off 🎉 Braces off 🎉 😀😀😀

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I’m so happy!!! A friend told me that my teeth look perfect now—like American teeth. So I’m glad I can finally represent my country with my mouth? Also because:

2. It’s time to leave Thailand

It’s been fun. I’ve made friends, I’ve gotten my teeth tortured into shape, and I’ve eaten enough khao soi and coconut shakes to last a lifetime (or at least a few months). As much as I’ll miss Chiang Mai, I’ve had one too many massive cockroaches in my apartment the past few weeks and it’s time for a break from nature.

I’m just bummed that I won’t have time to see this movie. I’ve seen the trailer half a million times while sitting at the coworking space at the mall, and I feel called to share it with you all. It’s about a haunted classroom and it may be the best zombie film ever made:

3. Next stop: Los Angeles

I’m so excited to be heading back to LA! I get to hang with Aileen, finally meet her baby, and hopefully eat lots of donuts while I’m in town. I also get to reunite with The Nook—my #1 favorite working spot at Aileen’s house. Not sure if it’s weird to have a favorite spot in someone else’s home, but The Nook has a long list of fans—it’s just so cute and sunny!

The Nook is my Happy Place

The Nook is my Happy Place

4. Quanta

We’re signing up hosts for the Quanta Reset blog tour. Jump over to YA Bound if you’d like to join in on the fun : )

The Quanta Reset Blog Tour runs September 20th-27th, 2016, hosted by YA Bound

5. More Quanta

Aaaaand, hold tight for more Reset news. The book should be live on NetGalley by the end of the month, but subscribe to the Ink Monster Newsletter if you want to be the first to hear about it. You should definitely get on the list regardless, because I heard a rumor that Shattered Pack news is coming soon, too ; )

Not that I’m biased or anything, but Meredith’s story is awesome. If you’ve enjoyed the Alpha Girl Series so far, you’re going to love reading from her POV.

Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl Series, #6) by Aileen Erin, releases November 2016

Can’t wait for this book to come out!!

Have a lovely Monday wherever you are!

<3 Lola

My Top Five Favorite K-Dramas

Lola's Favorite K-drama

This is probably the most important post I’ll ever write and it’s VITAL that you follow my recommendations.

K-drama means Korean drama. They’re serialized TV shows that South Korea cranks out like hotcakes, and they are pure magic. Dramas come in a huge variety from historical to paranormal, but they share a few common features–the most important one being romance. Whatever else is going on, there’s always a cute, sweet love story. If you like reading romance, then you’re going to love watching K-dramas.

To enrich the lives of my readers, I’ve decided to share this list of (a few of) my favorite dramas. Enjoy, and I apologize in advance for all the hours of your life you’re about to spend binge-watching.

1. EXO Next Door

Top 5 K-Drama | EXO Next Door
The real estate is valuable on my favorites list, but I’m recommending EXO Next Door first so you can dip your toes into K-drama. The episodes are a manageable fifteen minutes each and the series hits all the right comedy and romance notes as a famous boy band drops into the heroine’s life.

Also, EXO. If I were currently 13, my bedroom would be plastered with EXO posters.

(just in case you’re curious…)

2. The Heirs

Top 5 K-Drama | The Heirs
The Heirs was a huge recent blockbusters with a cast of mega-stars. It’s basically Cinderella set in contemporary Seoul. You’re going to know exactly what ‘second male lead syndrome’ means after this. Just embrace the inevitability that you will fall in love with Kim Woo-Bin. (If you like it, try Boys Over Flowers)

Top 5 K-Drama | Kim Woo-Bin

I love you, Woo-Bin <3

3. Oh My Venus

Top 5 K-Drama | Oh My Venus
Another contemporary. Oh My Venus is a weight loss story, but the issue is treated in a way that doesn’t make me want to chuck my laptop–focusing on the heroine’s health instead of her exterior. I adore every person in this cast and the romance is totally adorable. Must. Watch.

4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Top 5 K-Drama | Sungkyunkwan Scandal
This one is a full-on historical w/ a gender-bender twist. The heroine disguises herself as a guy to survive, and ends up attending an all-male university. She’ll get executed if she’s caught, but her super-cute roommates/love interests aren’t going to let that happen. The male leads are so on point it’s ridiculous. (If you like it, try Rooftop Prince and Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace)

5. You’re Beautiful (on Netflix!)

Top 5 K-Drama | You're Beautiful
Contemporary gender-bender. This is one of the most popular K-drams of all time–so much so that it has Japanese and Taiwanese versions. The heroine is a nun in training who ends up joining a boy band posing as her twin brother, and if you can think of a better premise than that, I hope you’re writing screenplays in your spare time. (If you need more gender-benders, try Coffee Prince and To the Beautiful You)

That’s all (for now…) but I hope you try watching a few of these. OR if you’re already a K-drama pro, share your favs with me! Cheese in the Trap and Descendants of the Sun are next on my to-watch list, which I will get to the next time I’m not in write mode… So maybe ten years from now ; __ ;