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Lola Dodge | Adventures in Taos

More than a month into my Taos stay, and I haven’t posted a single blog. I’ve been so busy hiking and walking, enjoying the sage and sunsets!

(Don’t worry, I’m slathered in SPF 50 at all times.)

Lola and Mary at Wiliams Lake, Taos, NM
Williams Lake was one of my favorite hikes despite the SNOW in the MIDDLE OF JUNE. I huffed my way up to 11,000 feet and then slid down the mountain on my soggy butt, because SLUSH. But the payoff was so worth it! And Mary Karlik is a total peach for tolerating me and rerouting us back to the trail every time I led us astray.

The Taos farmer’s market is fantastic (although I keep buying teaography and empanadas instead of vegetables). Last weekend we caught Curtis Stone filming, and I creeped awkwardly around until I could get a good pic of him. If you don’t know who Curtis Stone is, you need to up your Top Chef game. Best show on American television!

The food in Taos is also spectacular. Northern New Mexican dishes are gloriously spicy, and I’m attempting to try the chiles rellenos at every Mexican joint in town. This week, we drove out to a local brewery for a picnic in the mountains with a few glasses of the raspberry wheat ale.

It’s basically heaven out here.

Despite all the distractions, I’m actually working. I’m cracking away on Deadly Sweet, rebranded my whole website (ta-da!), and am juggling a few really great marketing and editing classes. Also finally mailed out a whole bunch of copies of Quanta Rewind and matching bookmarks.


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Next stop, Los Angeles!

I’ll be sad to leave Taos, but I need to start shopping for RWA dresses in the big city. The whole Ink Monster team is heading to the national conference in July. Cannot wait.

Happy summer, wherever you are!

<3 Lola