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Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens, Book Four) by Lola Dodge
Book FOUR of the Shadow Ravens is now in stores!

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It’s featured on the iBooks YA page.

Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens, Book Four) by Lola Dodge is featured on the iBooks Young Adult page
AND the reviews are coming in!

Reads & Reels

“Quanta Rewind is a thrilling ride and I enjoyed it as much as the first three books. Quanta continues to impress me and I really love this ragtag group of people pushed together under the worst circumstances.”

Simply Nicollette

“There is plenty of action, great friendships, fun sci-fi aspects, and some swoony moments, too!”

Les Chroniques Aléatoires – Review

“Avec un peu d’humour, beaucoup d’action, une histoire bien ficelée et une histoire d’amour très belle, Quanta Rewind ne pouvait qu’être un coup de cœur.” (With a bit of humor, a lot of action, a well-crafted story and a lovely love story, Quanta Rewind could only be a favorite.)

A Page to Turn Reviews

“the more I watched the characters grow and learn, the more attached I became until I reached the point that I spent the last half of the book screaming out loud at them. I mean, how was I supposed to live if any of these fictional darlings died??”

The Avid Reader

“If you love a good dystopian, science fiction book then you are going to love Quanta Rewind and all of the Shadow Ravens novels.”


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who reviewed and to all who’ve supported the Shadow Ravens. I would’ve given up on writing this book if not for your enthusiasm & encouragement <3 <3 <3

QUANTA REWIND is my last book in the Shadow Ravens series. There could be more books (hopefully more Cipher books by Aileen), but I’m coasting along to some new projects for now.

What’s Next??

First, I’m getting my act together on the sportsy contemporary I’ve had on my desk for more than a year. It’s “finished” but needs a boatload of revision and I finally have time to get serious. This book is so important to me, I’ve been struggling with the need to make it perfect. So quest for perfection = zero actual progress. But this is the year. I swear!!

Then, NEW YA FANTASY. Slash Urban fantasy. I’m starting a new series for Ink Monster called the Spellwork Syndicate and the first book, Deadly Sweet, features a witch who just wants to bake magic cakes and be left alone. The cakes go well, but the left alone part… you’ll see ; ) Stay tuned for the cover reveal in August!

<3 Lola