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Sneak peek of Quanta Rewind (the Shadow Ravens, Book Four) by Lola Dodge

With Quanta Rewind releasing THIS MONTH, I wanted to give you a little peek into the story you’ve all been waiting for ; )

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In the meantime, enjoy the first few paragraphs : )

Chapter One


My pulse rang loud in my ears as I puzzled over the doorknob in front of me. The only light in the narrow hallway glowed from Devan’s raised hand, but Cipher was starting to crackle with nervous sparks of electricity as she leaned closer, voice muffled by her protective facemask. “What’s next?”

I kept staring at the knob. What is next?

Good question. By way of an answer, bluish timeghosts fuzzed over reality, showing me all the ways the next seconds could play out.

Letting the present bleed away, I relaxed into my power. I stumble over the trip wire just across the threshold. That was a start. “There’s a wire on the first step through the door.” And then?

I tiptoe over the wire. Cipher and Devan follow me into a vacant gray office. It looks empty enough, with only a few bare desks and no furnishings or working lights, but before I can wave the girls across the room to the next door we have to crack, a shooter pops out from behind the desk. I lift my gun, but Cipher’s already pushing me aside to safety. She takes a hit to the shoulder before I can shoot.

Blinking back to the now, I scowled at Cipher. “Shooter behind the desk on the left. Don’t be such a hero.”

Cipher’s mask covered her mouth, but I knew she was scowling right back at me. “I didn’t do anything.”

None of us are doing anything.” The golden light glowing from Devan’s hand flickered as she grumbled.

“Just let me take out the shooter. Can you unlock the door?” I stepped back, giving Cipher room.

She lifted a portacomp to the door’s keypad, punched in some numbers, and a beep sounded. I tried to breathe in and out and keep my focus as I pulled out my gun. We’d win this time. The possibility was there in the ether, if a little hazy and unlikely looking. There were only three more booby-trapped rooms between the exit and us, and I spotted at least one future where we darted through the last door grinning wide for the first time in weeks.

I just had to find the right path. We could do it.



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<3 Lola