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I’ve been in Chiang Mai for a week and I’m mostly settled in. My time in Taiwan has definitely eased the transition into Thai life. The countries are similar in some ways and hugely different in others, but at least I know where to shop (Daiso for clothes hangers and cheap decor) and stop for snacks (7-11 for EVERYTHING).

Nancy Chandler walking map of Chiang Mai

My Nancy Chandler walking map of Chiang Mai, which shows all the vegetarian places in town–Hooray! Now I’ve got a lot of exploring to do!

I’m staying at a service apartment for the next three months. It’s pretty basic, but it’s clean and near the cafes I like so I can’t complain. And I really can’t complain because I showed up planning to walk around and ask to see rooms. The travel blogs told me this would be fine.

The travel blogs lied. Everyplace I wanted to go was booked.

Luckily I found Chiang Mai Buddy and they got me set up with a housing contract and figured out the details so I didn’t have to spend any more time walking in the sun. Because the sun is terrible. I’m already getting tan and you know I’m going to break out my parasol to kibosh that nonsense. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend their services for anyone stumbling onto this blog while researching Chiang Mai. It will save you a whole bunch of hassle…and I just don’t have that backpacker mentality, so I’m all about saving the hassle.

The past few days I’ve been testing out different cafes, trying to find the perfect spot (and the perfect Thai milk tea). I stick to the Nimman area but there are enough choices here to make me giddy with writer glee. So far Kaweh Cafe is my favorite place to work and CoffeeVilla@Nimman brews (mixes?) my fav Thai tea. I generally make my way to MAYA in the afternoons and log a few hours at CAMP. Or I skiv off in search of vegetarian curries.

Cafe life in Chiang Mai

My cafe life in Chiang Mai. Rustic and Blue is my mothership.

Whatever. I can do what I want. And when I do make it back to the states, I’ll be all hopped up on condensed milk and curry spice.

So far, I’ve been crazy productive (like writing almost 20k a week, productive). I’m hoping to type THE END on my NA project today or tomorrow…finally! It’s been running me ragged for months and months and months. I’ll still need to do some tweaking after my readers cut into it, but editing is the easy part for me. Getting the words on the page…not as easy. As a reward I’m going to spring for a Pop!Vinyl figurine from the store I pass every day. Haven’t decided which one yet. Maybe a Thor. Maybe a Loki. Leave me some suggestions in the comments!

I’ve also been working on promo for Angel. The newest volume in the Manhattan Ten series releases March 24th and all  preorder links are live (Amazon | B&N | iTunes). If you’re a book blogger interested in the series, drop me a message—always looking for more fab reviewers! And if you’ve been waiting for me to send it to you, it will be in your mailbox SOON! Promise : )