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Bon Voyage!



Welp. After almost eight months stateside, I’ve had all I can take. It’s time to hit the road, and now I’m off to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a few months of R&R (readin’ & ritin’?). People (you know who you are) have been grilling me about this choice, so let me go ahead and answer your burning questions.

1. Why Chiang Mai?

For the same reasons so many other freelance types head there. Creative energy + low cost of living. I’m super influenced by the vibes of the place I live, and I’m my best self when I’m somewhere with lots to do and see—even if I don’t do or see anything. Sometimes I go into full hermit mode, but I need to know that options are available just in case I start jonesing for hipster tea houses and/or hippy-dippy salads.

2. What are you going to do there?

Same old, same old. Writing and some research—I’ve been kicking around a novella set in Bangkok and being back in Thailand might give me the push I need to get it polished up. Chiang Mai also has a crazy lot of coffee shops, so I’ll spend most days parked at a table typing and sampling random cafe snacks.

3. Can’t you do that in America?

Yeah. But see #1.

4. When are you going to settle down?

Dunno. There are parts of living abroad that are a total drag (language barriers, layovers, third world toilets) but I’m at my most inspired when I’m in an environment that challenges me. As of now, as long as I can keep traveling, that’s what I plan to do.

5. What do you hope to accomplish there?

A whole lot of nose-to-the-grindstone page writing. Thailand allows one to outsource everything for super cheap. I’ll have an apartment with cleaning service, send my laundry out, and buy street food instead of cooking, all for less than what I’d pay for a car payment, insurance, and gas at home. Without the distractions, I plan to dig in to the plots that have been eluding me.

6. Are you crazy?

For sure, but in a good way.