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Angel is here!

I’m so excited to share the cover for the next Manhattan Ten novella…and even more excited to share Angel’s story! I love Angel, and she’s definitely one of the more relatable M10 ladies–she’s working at the office every day just trying to deal with her powers as she cleans up all the other superheroes’ messes. Plus, you may recognize her guy from somewhere…

Coming at you in March 2015! Pre-order at Amazon or B&N, or add on Goodreads.

Angel (Manhattan Ten, #4)

Simply unforgettable…and wildly dangerous.

Angelina Márquez’s perfect memory recall makes her ideally suited to manage the Manhattan Ten superhero crew, a task that sometimes borders on insanity. Still, the price of being everything to everyone is high.

A recruiting trip to UCLA does nothing to cure her chronic insomnia. Intel indicates someone in the L.A. Pack may be harboring anti-super sentiment. On top of that, she’s sent to retrieve a straight-out-of-the-jungle panther shifter being detained at LAX.

Tequani was looking forward to visiting his hero brother, but when civilization unexpectedly brings out his claws, he’s court-ordered to stick with Angel while his paws are on U.S. soil. He’s fully prepared to be bored out of his skull—except Angel’s talents and beauty fill the vacant places in his soul.

Angel can’t seem to stop Quan from burning himself into her mind, right down to the exact dimensions of his abdominals. But when they fall into a trap, survival means pooling every one of their talents. A move that could balance their souls…or throw their hearts into dangerous chaos.

Warning: Feeding panther-shifters results in territorial behavior and steamy displays of affection. Be on the lookout for claw marks, love bites and heavy petting.