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So many posts out there will tell you how to use your time efficiently and get more work done. Sure, it’s important to do stuff and accomplish whatever, but sometimes you just gotta play around and do something mind-numbing. That’s why I’m here. If you’re sitting there bored with nothing to do, let me give you a few places to get started on your time-wasting voyage.

1. Eat something.

Eating is your go-to time waster. It doesn’t matter what, just get some snacks in your belly.

Eat something

2. Watch a movie

Click. Drag. Get a snack. Watch.

Movie poster roulette
3. Play Cookie Clicker

You will love and despise this addictive game. Click the cookie. You know you want to.

Lola's Bakery
4. Play Mamonosweeper

Like minesweeper, but with monsters. Don’t be a baby–play in HUGE mode.

Gameplay of Mamonosweeper
5. Find cat gifs.

Never fails. Thank you, Internet.

Cat in a box