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I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog since I got back from my cross-country whirlwind trip. Visiting my friend in Toronto was fantastic (although why I volunteer to drive 20+ hours, I’ll never know) and I finally got all the Canadian treats I’ve been craving…buttertarts, all-dressed chips, and Cadbury Crunchie bars! If you don’t already know this, Crunchie (slash honeycomb/hokey pokey) is the nectar of the gods. And if you spot them in the wild, you’d better buy one bar for yourself and all the rest to mail to me.

Crunchie bar heaven via


Now life has taken me to Florida, where the average age in my zip code is roughly 65. I’ve tried to acclimate to the lifestyle, and my current hobbies include watching the bird feeder, eating dinner at 4pm, and jigsaw puzzles. I’ve also been known to hustle a few nickel card games (all your Jeffersons are belong to me).

Chilling w/ the Sandhill Cranes in Florida
Hooray, retirement!

Except, not really. I’m working hard on the Manhattan Ten, a sportsy New Adult series, and lots and lots of editing and writing for Ink Monster. Hoping to have all kinds of cover reveals coming at you soon!

Still deciding where to make my next move. Europe? Japan? Back home to NY? Wherever it is, it’s gonna be cold. I haven’t seen snow in years and I’m beyond tired of this humid, tropical, sweaty nonsense. What good is a climate that prevents you from wearing sweats??