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It’s here! Belle Fury is now available for your e-reader. Slip  on your tutu and get ready for the ride! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway–you can win a $25 Visa gift card or a character-themed Zoya nail polish duos.

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The Cover for Belle Fury-the third volume in the Manhattan Ten romance novella Series

This is one diva with killer moves…

Manhattan Ten, Book 3

Belle Fabian has worked her toes to the bone to become an internationally renowned ballerina. When the curtains rise on her career-making performance of Giselle, she brings down the house—literally.
Mid-dance, she manifests a superpower that nearly destroys the Metropolitan Opera House, wiping out a line of chorus girls and sending the audience dashing for the exits. As she flees the theater, she assumes the worst. Her hard-won career is over.
The Manhattan Ten’s leader is playing hooky with his new lady, so it falls to Red Ruin toround up the super-powered danseur. It’s just one small, bird-boned woman hiding in a convenience store. How hard could it be?
Their first encounter generates sparks that border nuclear and their chemistry sends Belle’s powers into overdrive, but their perfect storm of passion is marred by her suspicion that Ruin is holding back. That secret that could turn the sweet burn of Ruin’s
lightning into a permanent scar on her heart.

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