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Belle Fury isn’t quite out (2/4! pre-order at Amazon or iTunes), but I wanted to get this giveaway going a little early, because I’m totally excited about the prizes. I usually give away bookish gift cards, but this time  I’m going with cold hard cash. I strongly suggest that the winner put this toward a mani/pedi, facial, etc., but it’s your money. Buy groceries if you want.

Even more exciting–a Zoya nail polish giveaway! Thanks to my nail-obsessed friend, themisspw, I’ve grown totally obsessed with Zoya polishes, which are 5-free, and super vibrant. Instead of growing my own tiny horde, I’m sending the love to you guys. To celebrate my third book, I’ve picked three polish duos that match the personalities of the heroes and heroines of the Manhattan Ten.

The first place winner gets the gift card, and the second place winner will have first choice of the polish colors, followed by the third and fourth place winners. I’m also giving away three sets of the M-10 e-books in the format of the winner’s choice. Enter using the Rafflecopter below!

Belle Fury book release celebration! Zoya polish (London, Noot, Seraphina, Storm, GeiGei, Blaze) and $25 Visa gift card giveaway at

Duo #1: Temptress/Tank = London/Noot

A dark, sophisticated color perfect for anyTemptress, paired with a sensible, but stylish color for our fearless leader, Tank

Duo #2: Ivory/Panther = Seraphina/Storm

What else could the ice princess have but a snowy, shimmery silver? Panther’s too charismatic for a plain shade, so a prismatic silver/black is purrfect.

Duo #3: Belle Fury/Red Ruin = GeiGei/Blaze

GeiGei is a little flashy for wearing to ballet, but it fits Belle perfectly, and Blaze is just the shade to match Red Ruin’s lightning powers.

Winners: you are morally obligated to post your mani pics. Okay. Not really, but I’d be psyched if you did!

Good luck, everyone, and don’t forget to pick up Belle Fury and the rest of the Manhattan Ten novellas if you haven’t already. You definitely need some superhero romance in your life!
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