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I resisted Scrivener for a LONG TIME, even as my writer friends began to swear by it. I don’t like changing my workflow, and I don’t want to spend time fiddling with software instead of writing. When I finally gave it an honest try, I found that the features were easy to use and the learning curve wasn’t as steep as I imagined. If you’re wondering why convert to Scrivener? here are thee big reasons:

1.       Great organization. I can put all my scrap docs into one project file, so I don’t have several thousand documents per project (as usual) and it’s much easier to click between these than it is to dig the info out of my hard drive.

2.       Progress bar! I love seeing the meter go from red to green as I type. Write or Die stresses me out, so Scrivener provides a comfortable level of motivation.

Writing progress!

3.       Blog logic. I’m now keeping all of my blog posts + relevant files/links in one blog doc. This makes me so much more organized and explains why I’m actually blogging of late.

I continue to prefer Word for editing, and it’s much easier to format text in the standard word processor, but not worrying about that at first draft is definitely helping my productivity. If you’re not sure, at least give the 30 day trial a go—and start a new project rather than importing one. Backtracking will annoy you rather than giving you a sense of what the software can do.

Happy Writing!