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When dating a super hero at what point do you have to cut him loose? He’s a hero, right? Why would you leave him? Turns out, even heroes can be villains (or at least jerks), and whatever powers he has, they aren’t worth making yourself miserable over. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

If he's not worth it, forget it.

If he’s not worth it, forget it.

5. Tabloid reports

These are a sign, but nothing close to gospel. The first story that says he’s been seen canoodling is almost definitely a lie, but more than one a week (and non-photoshopped pictures to prove it) is cause for alarm. Do confirm before kicking him to the curb.

4. No time

Fighting villains is time-consuming, but when he’s so involved you can’t coordinate more than texts, it’s not shaping up to be a healthy relationship. He may be a fantastic guy, but you’re better of letting him go until he figures out that whole life/hero balance thing.

3. Groupies

The fans will always be after him, but when he starts hanging with barely-eighteens in belly shirts, be prepared to move on. If he just wants to mess around, let him go. Unless you just want to mess around—in which case, have fun, but don’t get too attached!

2. Questionable Motives

This is of particular concern for you heroines out there. If he’s poking around your lair and asking for classified info, he may be a villain in disguise. In this case, don’t be shy about getting a background check. It’s better to be a little paranoid than to get played.

Keep it together, Marge.

Keep it together, Marge.

1. Super Violence

If he can’t separate his job and his home life, he’s gone. Period. Super strength is no excuse to be a super asshole. If he’s always getting into fights and can’t control his temper, he isn’t a guy you need to be around unless he’s actively working on his problems.