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I recently finished a short story for my Manhattan Ten series (FREE SOON…details later!). You would think writing a short story would be easier than a novella or novel, but not necessarily.

It made me really bored.

Boredom is never a good sign when you’re writing. Why will anyone else think the story’s interesting if you don’t? After soul-searching, chocolate, and possibly some rum & colas, I figured out the problem.

Too many super powers.

Poor Ivory was skating through the woods, freezing trees and kicking ass and everything was WAY too easy. The problem with super powers it that they’re super fun to write, but a powerful hero doesn’t have much trouble dispatching the average baddie.

Even if you're the Chosen One, you don't get to do whatever you want (Chill, Harry).

The trick is taking away the hero/heroine’s advantage and challenging him/her in a way that their powers can’t help. As soon as I figured out how to do that to Ivory, BAM. Story finished.

I do know better. I really, really do, but every first draft, it’s too tempting to play with the powers. I’ll have some cool deleted scenes to post someday…but they’ll only  be scenes, and not part of a meaningful story.

Without a challenge, there isn’t a story.