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Being a super heroine isn’t easy, and a girl needs some help stay at her crime-fighting best. Here are five things that every super heroine must have:

5. Sustenance. This has come up before, but it’s hard to run down a murderer when faint with hunger. A happy super heroine requires liberal amounts of chocolate, sangria, and carbs.

It was all because of hunger.

It was all because of hunger.

4. A de-stressor. If all the frustration doesn’t go somewhere, rubble will happen. Yoga, running, and dancing, are favorites of the Manhattan Ten ladies, but anything that works, works!

3. Transportation. Preferably the kind with tinted windows. Heroines need to get from A to B fast when duty calls, and if that can happen without attracting paparazzi attention, all the better.

2. A change of clothes. Any clothes will do, but a fresh set should always be available. Clean sweatpants are  preferable to a blood-spattered evening gown every time.

1. Super girlfriends. The heroes will come and go. The important thing is having awesome friends to dish with after the battle. They’ll say when there’s a rip in your lycra, take you out for drinks after a tough fight, and be there to commiserate when the media gets all up in your personal life again.