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Get on my level

Writing the sassy super heroines of the Manhattan Ten has given me plenty of insight into the mind of the average super-powered lady. Super powers, or not, standard dating etiquette applies, but do keep the following in mind:

5. Be on Time

Obviously. You never keep your date waiting, and this is twice as true for a super heroine. Five minutes late could be a wrong turn, ten minutes could be a traffic jam, but after fifteen? Now she’s wondering if you got kidnapped by her latest nemesis and if there’s time to rescue you before the movie starts.

4.  Check the Ego

Maybe you’re kind of a big deal. You’re a billionaire, a professional athlete, or a hero in your own right. That’s cool, but it will not impress your date; your date cannot be impressed. Right before you met for drinks, she was saving the POTUS and busting a crime syndicate, probably with a crew of heroes more badass than you can imagine. She is already tired of egos and if she senses you’re shopping for arm candy, the date will be done and you may or may not be left with your limbs.

3.  Spandex Optional

Don’t expect her to prance around in a midriff-baring unitard. If she’s in the mood she might rock a bustier or some sexy leather pants (because a distracted villain is a defeated villain) but off the clock, you’re more likely to find her in sweat pants and oversized T-shirts. And don’t expect to see any midriff on the first date.

2.  Feed the Poor Girl

Fighting crime burns mega-calories, and a garden salad (vinaigrette on the side) isn’t going to cut it. Super heroines like barbecue, pizza and beer, and things that begin with deep fried. These ladies don’t diet, and if that’s a problem for you, consider this your warning. Remember how she can’t be impressed? She’s also not trying to impress you, and if you make comments about her weight, you’ll probably end up in a hell-dimension before desserts. Don’t worry. She’ll finish that steak for you.

Cake and Men

1. Make a Connection

Dating a super heroine isn’t about power plays, or whose abilities are the baddest. The ability to destroy a few city blocks makes that kind of a moot point. She’s looking for someone who understands her, won’t be freaked out about her shady origins (not that she’s radioactive anymore…), and won’t try to babysit (or horn in) when the world needs saving. Talk, get to know each other, and don’t be an idiot.

If you make that deep connection, she might show you the spandex after all…