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Now that you know how to treat a super heroine, here are five critical tips for dating a super hero:

I see that look in your eye...

I see that look in your eye…

5. Don’t stalk

It’s not cute. He already has groupies, and sending love letters made of magazine cut-out letters is only going to get you noticed by your local law enforcement agency.

4. Have Something to Say

“I like your biceps” isn’t the greatest leading line (even if it’s true). No matter how awesome his last job was (saving the world, etc.) he might be tired of repeating the story. Talk about the same things you’d ask any other guy, like where do you want to travel, and if necessary, the old, “Seen any good movies lately?”

3. Don’t Try to Impress

Much like the super heroine, the hero has seen it all. If he’s looking for a serious relationship, he doesn’t want arm candy. He wants a partner to support him in his crazy life, who isn’t trying to keep up with Kim K and won’t leave him when he retires from the spotlight.

OK. Maybe that one is impressive.

OK. Maybe that one is impressive.

2. Don’t Expect Anything

Everyone wants something out of a super hero. He’s tired of people who are after him for his money or the spotlight. Make it clear that those aren’t your priorities. Even if the perks of dating him are amazing, let him know you have your own agenda and don’t need fame to be a fulfilled human being.

1. Get to Know His Friends

A hero’s crew must approve any new relationship. Maybe it’s not a formal review, but if the guys (or girls) don’t trust you, it’s not going to last. Too many hero chasers turn out to be villains, and they’re not letting one of their own go down that road. They will make you miserable if you mess with their boy.