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BookhaulI’m back from Dreamin’ in Dallas and ready to hit the grindstone. It was a great con! I picked up a stack of new books and met with so many awesome folks. A couple of Seton Hill MFA-ers attended and it was lovely to catch up. Nicole Peeler signed some of her Tempest books for my mom, who’s now in love with Jane True. I also got to meet the lovely Rebecca Strauss IN PERSON, and found out there’s a Taipei book expo that I can attend. Who knew? Meeting up with LilyElement (my favorite blogger on the internet!) was another big highlight.

The overall theme seemed to be keep writing. That’s one that I need to hear lately! In-between packing and all the other things I need to do to get ready for Taiwan, I’m hoping to finish up my third Manhattan Ten novella. Then I need to get my act together and finish revising the novel that’s been on my desk for…longer than I want to admit.

Ivory (M-10, #2) releases at the end of April! Until then I’ll be a bit quiet on the site. If all goes well, I’ll either be writing or gorging on my favorite Texas foods!