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I’m back to Taiwan, and living in the big city. Taipei is great. I flew in on a Thursday night, got my apartment on Friday, moved in and furnished it on Saturday, and started work on Monday. A little bit hectic!

Work is intense. I’ve never been in such a quiet office, and it needs to be quiet with the workload that everyone has. I’m going to be busy. Luckily I’m living and working in a great area right in the center of Taipei. It’s nice to have access to all of my favorite Taiwanese things again. Breads in particular : )

Version of pineapple bread from Saison du Soleil/Yamizake @ Q Square

Version of pineapple bread from Saison du Soleil/Yamizake @ Q Square…how I missed you, pineapple bread!

I’m finishing up Manhattan Ten #3, and Ivory releases at the end of the month—about a week and a half!

I’ll put up a giveaway next week. Maybe something practical like a bookish gift card, or maybe something fun like a box of treats from Asia? Check back later!

And for stopping by, some more gratuitous bread shots:


Curry bun. It had meat inside, so I didn’t eat most of the filling, but what I had was delish!


Egg bun w/ almond milk. It had a lovely egg salad mixture with tangy/sweet Taiwanese-style mayonaise. Recommended!