Whether you’re self-publishing your story or submitting it to publishing houses, every manuscript can benefit from a little editing magic. Maybe you know your book’s problems and need a quick beta read to generate solutions, or maybe you just completed your first NaNo novel and it needs a total overhaul. Whatever your situation, I’m happy to help!



Beta Reading = $.004 per word

I’ll give the draft a thorough read and provide you an editorial letter suggesting improvements to its overall tension, plot, pacing, logic, and style.

Copyediting = $.006 per word

I’ll catch typos and continuity errors (e.g., the hero’s eyes were blue on p. 27, but brown on p. 180), and suggest edits for clarity and style.

Developmental editing (one round) = $.01 per word

I’ll make marginal comments and edit your draft line by line to address both macro and micro issues. All edits are made using Track Changes and I provide an editorial letter detailing the draft’s problems—and my suggestions for fixing them!

Developmental editing (two rounds) = $.015 per word

For drafts that need a little extra love and organization. Both editing passes include line edits and an editorial letter, but the first round will focus on more global concerns, and the second (after you’ve done some revision) will drill down to give the manuscript a final polish.



  • I prefer to edit a sample (approximately 1000 words for a novel-length project) before taking on a new client. I like long-term relationships with my authors, and it’s important to me that we be on the same page from the beginning. I hope you feel the same!
  • All payment through Paypal
  • I’m open to editing all genres, but my specialties are YA/NA, SFF, and romance
  • I also edit academic and technical documents (including APA and AMA styles), specializing in working with ESL speakers. Please contact me for rates and availability.


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